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Tracey Moggeridge, Breathworks accredited mindfulness teacher

Based in Harwell in Oxfordshire I adhere to the good practice BAMA guidelines as an accredited teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation having studies with the incredible Breathworks. The last four years have been spent training to teach Mindfulness for both Stress and Chronic Pain. My studies have been through a variety of endeavours - courses taught by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) and Breathworks, along with coaching programmes, silent retreats and CPD workshops. I have also researched and written on the topic of Mindfulness within the context of bias and racism for a book (due out in 2020) published by business psychologists Pearn Kandola. It’s fair to say i’m a continuous pupil.

My mindfulness journey is a journey to support those that I teach, as well as deepening and growing my own practice. By developing my understanding of the subtleties, challenges, barriers, and successes that a mindfulness and meditation practice can bring, I try to bring warmth, care and a safe space to all the classes that I teach.

I have a spiritual practice that isn’t aligned to any faith, but moreover one that takes care of the planet and our people; that’s a personal practice, however I teach secular classes. I have an interest in Buddhist Psychology and you’ll often find me tuned into Meditations by Tara Brach, Vidyamala Birch via Breathworks, or Chris Cullen. Podcasts are my achilles heel.

Kind supporters of mine invited me to consider the name the 'Mindful Imposter' - that it doesn't convey the most positive message. I hear that, yet it tells my story warts n all, and I resonate with that honesty. Self-doubt has woven into my fabric over the years, i notice it sidling daily into thoughts and feelings. We listen to thoughts as if they are gospel, identify so strongly with them they become ingrained. But with practice. we get to choose the thoughts we listen to, so that the fabric of the life we live is woven more with kindness, compassion, acceptance and love.  I choose to embrace all that has been, and still is me and sit here, with you, marvelling at how imperfectly, wonderful and brilliant we can be.  What are your imperfections and how can I help you learn to love all that you are? Welcome to the first step in your journey.

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Trained in Mindfulness with the world-class Breathworks Foundation, and also a Mental Health First Aider, I take learning seriously. Educating myself is at the forefront of all I do for the benefit of those i'm lucky enough to teach.

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