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Finding peace in chaos

I wanted to share a little insight into the meditation practice of another Breathworks teacher – he posted a video his wife took of him, and popped it on social media and my goodness - it epitomizes what real life mindfulness is! None of this sitting on a wafty cushion surrounded by mountains, fresh air and a serene look on your face, nosiree.

Picture the scene – he is sat cross-legged on a cushion in the middle of the lawn in his back garden at the height of the day – his two children are running around him with the energy of a thousand Duracell batteries playing football, blatting the ball backward and forward, yelling and shouting excitedly. His dog is barking, racing in between them all, all the while he is sitting, his meditation posture dignified, unaltered.

Now tell me how many of us could maintain that level of open-awareness to all that arises without judgement, labelling, or getting into a story about what our practice 'should' be like?

But, this, is the absolute beauty of what can happen for us when we do.

This is what can happen when we suspend judgement, simply notice, and be with all that is with us. And as my friend so beautifully puts it 'Once we let go of the idea of good and bad noise, it makes sitting in chaos so much simpler...'

Mediation is only good/ accessible when it's quiet, peaceful…

Noise and distractions in a meditation setting are bad, annoying, frustrating etc..

No, meditation is all of the above, it's the imperfections of the world, it's the acceptance of play, noise, distraction, disruption, and that a little well of peace is truly accessible to us all in any and every moment.

What chaos may you need to rest in today?

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