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Holding our own

It's hard right now to know how to feel, what to think, what to do next. A lot of our movement is restricted, a lot of us want to keep our movements restricted, a lot of us want to feel freer. Some feel confused, some have understanding, some have direction, some of us feel lost. All of this is okay.

None of this is right or wrong, it's simply how we view life from the lens we've grown with.

But what we can do, is hold our own, learn to listen to that inner wisdom that guides what WE need, what we can tolerate, what we can handle without tipping us over into a more difficult space.

Listening to our inner wisdom can be hard to do, many of us defer to the wisdom of those we deem experts, many of us defer to the needs of loved ones, many of us simply do not know what course of action is best.

Sometimes though, the best course of action is inaction, sitting still and tuning quietly into our inner wisdom and our needs, when we do, then we know. For in that moment we find soothing, a balm.

I hope this poem helps you to find a moment that soothes you. By turning toward our needs, we regain a little control, a little more reassurance, a little more faith, hope, and peace.

I feel moved by this piece and wanted to share it with you all. It's by a brilliant poet and musician called Kate Tempest...

Let me know what you think.

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