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This blog was put together in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, and a practical way that I could provide useful insights for work colleagues, friends and loved ones during one of the most challenging times of many of our lives.

What you will find is a mix of practical activities, personal thoughts, meditations, humour, constructive challenge and reflective practices.

If anything is missing please let me know, if you like more of something or less of something, share that too.

  • Firstly – what Mindfulness isn't – a silver bullet, the end to all your problems and a soft floaty cushion of zen surrounding you 24-7. Although you may have fun trying.

  • What it is – a practice – if you want to get good at meditating, you must meditate, simple. Show up, practice – and have fun with it.

  • What it can offer – kindness, compassion, self-care, a moment to pause, a way to connect with yourself, and others, balance.

  • Word of caution: For some, meditation practices can be challenging, if you notice or have difficulties with any of the content, or the meditation practices please contact me through the contact form.

Thank you for being part of this Mindfulness community – let's get you started!

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