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Reflect and opportunity

Reflecting and acknowledging that this time is ever-changing and evolving, and you may have been reading these well-being posts for a couple of weeks now. So, I thought it might be a useful moment to pause and reflect on how it's been for you:

  • How has your practice around Mindfulness formed,

  • What have you discovered about your practice that's been positive?

  • Have you created any new habits that support your well-being?

  • What have the challenges been?

It would be great to hear from you in the comments box at the bottom on what you've noticed and how you've found the practices. This is also an opportunity to reflect on how you may wish to relate to the next few weeks – perhaps to deepen your practice further? If so, what intention can you set yourself for your practice? If it's not around Mindfulness, what can you do in the coming few weeks that supports your well-being? We know from research that if you set out a clear goal and define how you are going to achieve it, you are more likely to enact, and achieve this goal. The research suggests that by planning your approach and behaviour you create strong memory traces that are more highly accessible to you from your memory, you in effect re-live your pre-planned intentions, for real. What might you want the next three weeks to look like? Define what success will look and feel like to you? Your intent and your showing up fully or half-assed will determine your results. What would you be willing to give up to feel less stressed for example? Ask yourself the question – what is it you stand to gain from giving up more stressful activities? Not only does it help us recognise the rewards, it also challenges us on how willing we are to sacrifice something for positive gain. Bring your goal to life – feel it, imagine it, breathe it – ask yourself in three weeks' time – how would I be feeling if I achieved my aim? What emotions, feelings and sensations are present? Peaceful, warm, positive, accepting? Reflect on the steps you need to take to make it happen – break it down. Set an intention for your practice, is it to show up fully? Is it to practice kindness, or to trust in yourself more fully? Inject some colour and life into your plan and then get cracking – when will your first step take place?!

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