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What it is to offer hope?

Someone got me pondering on how we often start off, or sign off on conversations, messages, emails etc with…hope

  • Hope you are well

  • Hope you are okay

  • Hope things feel better soon

  • Hope you don't mind

What does hope mean for us? Is it a word we can reflect on?

It may mean going back to what the word means. Hope can bring with it a sense of optimism, wanting something good to happen; I hope to score a goal this week, or I really hope I get a place on the course, desire for something to happen for us – I hope the world gives us a break, to us, or for others – I hope you get the results you want. Until that is, we do not hold out much hope, and then we find the word carries with it a very different set of emotions.

I find it fascinating that words can deliver so much meaning. It got me to thinking, how do we mindfully connect with all sides of the coin? Knowing that hope can feel positive, but also with it a sense of uncertainty, it may feel supportive and reassuring to hope for something for someone else, but can it feel empty or powerless too?

Hope in its most positive sense when we communicate with one another feels connecting - albeit if we are present and considered when we are wishing it for that person, but how present are we when we sign off on emails or calls with hope of good wishes?

If so, how do we convey warmth, kindness, compassion, and connection therefore in this digital age? It talks to the points that a colleague of mine made in a webinar that talks about the importance of social connection, that we all benefit from social connection to boost our well-being, and longevity! So, an invite, next time you sign-off your email /call etc can you mindfully pause, think of the person you are sending your message to, bring them to life in your minds-eye – and really wish them well? You can share that too with them if you know them well enough and it isn't a bit weird, or you can hope they manage to dodge the thunder storms, or find some respite from the heat.

For me extending 'hope for' someone is an extension of wishing someone well, kindness, and when we give that to others we also receive it, and we can all do with being topped up a little on some kindness hey.

Let me know what you think.

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